To Whom it May Concern

I believe that my story and its effect of enlightening and uniting all (Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics, and Muslims) will be beyond extraordinary. I believe religious dogma and wars will cease. This is my dream. The world united as one against the spirit of error (its antithesis is the spirit of truth, which jesus talked about).

I have found Jesus (he was dead in the afterlife and recently resurrected), and became one with the spirit of truth. Angels talk to me frequently (though they're not allowed to), and I have come into contact with Pistis Sophia, supposedly a fallen goddess. She was created by Satan. Satan is the polar opposite of God.

I believe I have a story worth telling. I am a foretold hero and messiah, conquering the known universe. My future was buried in ancient gnostic texts, discovered in Egypt in 1945. I have come into contact with alien-like creatures, whom I nicknamed Garth (not worthy) and LOLa (since I laugh at everything she does). They are "grey aliens," an illusion created by Satan.

What I am doing? Destorying all religion except for the gnostic version of Christianity, which discounts YHWH. I found out that the Quaran is not written by YHWH or God. Neither is the book of revelation.

Sincerely yours,


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this is the truth!