New! Updates for planned cure for schizophrenia disorder.

Welcome to Alan R. Hoffman's personal website, Fix Your Reality. You'll find what you're searching for at the above menubar or on this page.

This site's responsibility is to help people with their lives with a focus on battling mental illness, namely schizophrenia and related disorders. Alan's new techniques for destorying mental illness embrace removing confusion and doubt from people's belief in God, which allows for near-ultimate healing from any disorder.

Latest finding: Fear-based illusions are what cause schizophrenic symptoms.

Alan is a truther, writer, gnostic, musician, and website designer. He has devoted his life to finding a cure or treatment for schizophrenia. Alan believes that Jesus is the answer, and, considering what he's heard, that Alan miraculously became the "spirit of truth" — a real person prophecized by in the Bible and in ancient Nag Hammadi scrolls.

I am in the process of, or have completed the following:

Due to my supernatural knowledge, I have become an expert on religion, demons, allah, yhwh, angels, the spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit, schizophrenia and the entities known as aliens (protip: they're just demons).